How Does ROIDTEST™ Work?

ROIDTEST™ contains chemical reagents, which interact with certain steroid substances to produce color reactions. The user checks these reactions against a provided colorimetric chart to see if there is a match. ROIDTEST is an advanced system that has been refined with multiple testing agents, which allows many different oral and injectable anabolic steroid products to be individually identified.


How Long do the Color Reactions Take?

Most color reactions appear within a few seconds, though we generally allow a window of 1 minute for evaluation. The are some exceptions, however. Substance Tests C & D produce time-sensitive reactions to some steroids, which may be faster or longer, and assist with compound identification. Note that when left to sit, most activated Substance Test solutions will continue to darken fairly quickly as the steroid further degrades. Therefore, it is is important to evaluate each test during the recommended time, when the peak color is presented.  


Are "False Positives" Possible?

Yes, with presumptive testing it is always possible that a different active pharmaceutical substance, a substance carrier, or an unknown contaminant will produce a "false" positive reaction to testing reagent(s). To address this, ROIDTEST is based on a 2-step process, which reduces the likelihood of false positives and improves compound differentiation. While this system represents the latest and most accurate technology in the field, such issues can never be fully excluded. As such, ROIDTEST is not a substitute for laboratory analysis, and should never be used to make a legal determination.


Does ROIDTEST tell me if a Drug is Safe?

No. ROIDTEST can only help you identify if a particular drug is found in your sample. It is not designed to evaluate the safety of a substance. No drug use is 100% safe.



What if a Sample Contains More than One Steroid?

The presence of multiple steroids in a sample is likely to cause an unpredictable reaction. This will interfere with the ability to interpret the results.


Are the Reagents Dangerous?

Some of the reagents are CORROSIVE and/or TOXIC. However, these kits have been designed with safety in mind. For example, the tests are highly sensitive, so that only a tiny amount of reagent (typically 0.1 mL) is used in each ampule. This means that acid neutralizers are not required, as they are with many other reagent tests. This small amount of liquid also does not easily spill out, and some of the ampules contain particles inside to further reduce the risk of splash/spill.  


Can The Tests be Used Again?

Each test is single use. 


Where is ROIDTEST™ Made?

The ROIDTEST reagent ampules are manufactured at a European EN ISO 9001-2000 certified laboratory, which specializes in forensic testing equipment. It is made to the high standards expected by Forensic Laboratories and Law Enforcement. 


How is ROIDTEST Shipped?

This product is packed and discretely shipped from the USA via UPS or FEDEX, in a plain package with the return company marked as or Colorimetrics. We ship worldwide.


How Will the Purchase Appear on my Bank Statement?

Your purchase is made through the very generic-sounding company, LLC or Colorimetrics, LLC. We accept Visa/MC/AMEX.