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ROIDTEST™ is a product of Colorimetrics, LLC, a Colorado company owned in part by William Llewellyn. William is the author of the ANABOLICS book series and monthly columnist for Muscular Development Magazine. He is also a longtime supporter of the international substance harm reduction community and an honorary lecturer at Liverpool John Moores University. Identifying the enormous value in reagent technology as it pertains to anabolic steroids, William helped launch ROIDTEST in October 2015. Our mission is an important one and encompasses the following set of goals. 

  • Educate the public about reagent technology; its ability to identify counterfeits
  • Provide this technology to consumers in a simple and affordable test kit
  • Always be an active countermeasure to drug counterfeiting
  • Promote positive change in the greater market and community

In support of these goals, we intend to constantly re-evaluate our products and services, and the underlying science that drives them. We want to be your doorway to reagent technology and partner in enacting change.    


We thank you for visiting our site!

- The Colorimetrics Team