ROIDTEST™ is the most advanced at-home steroid substance testing kit on the market. These presumptive drug testing kits are similar to those in use by law enforcement agencies and forensics laboratories around the world for confirming the presence of illicit drugs. Through TV and movies, most of us are familiar with the scene of a police officer placing a powder sample into a test tube, and looking for a color reaction. ROIDTEST™ works on a very similar principle. In this case, the technology has been refined into a multi-component system that can individually identify approximately two-dozen different oral and injectable anabolic steroid products.

An extremely small substance sample is required for ROIDTEST to work. You simply place 3-6 drops of liquid, or a matched sized scraping of the powder you want tested, into the provided ampule(s), and check the color reaction(s) against a provided chart. In minutes you will see if the substance has been identified. These kits are fast acting, portable, and comparatively inexpensive in light of the potential increased security and savings they provide consumers.

ROIDTEST is available two formats:

COMPLETE STEROID TESTING SYSTEM: We recommend this as your first purchase, as it includes everything you need for the analysis of all common AAS products. Inside you'll find the full array of ROIDTEST Substance Test ampules, and all components necessary for checking approximately 2 dozen different steroids. This system represents the cutting edge of steroid colorimetric testing, providing the most detailed analysis, expanded colorimetric fingerprinting, and the ability to test oils, pills, and raw (pure) steroid powders.  

Individual Tests/Refills: These serve as compound-specific refills for the ROIDTEST™ COMPLETE STEROID TESTING SYSTEM. These can also be used as standalone tests, and contain full instructions. However, the Complete System provides the most thorough examination, and is recommended, especially for frequent testing. 



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