Testosterone (Multi-Panel) Bloodspot Test Kit


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Want to check your testosterone level? How about doing this without having to leave your home, or take an uncomfortable blood draw?

This is a Testosterone Multi-Panel personal test kit. It examines 3 different hormones, each of which is key to the management of serum testosterone in men, and potentially accompanying issues related to its levels and/or production. This test is recommended over a simple testosterone-only analysis, as it provides much greater depth of information about your hormonal makeup and activity. 

Health Analysis personal test kits can be used in the privacy of your own home. The process involves taking a small bloodspot sample, with use of a near painless lancet. This sample is then sent to a CLIA-Certified lab in the United States for detailed analysis. Packaging and a pre-paid shipping label (from USA addresses only) are provided in each test kit. Within days of the lab receiving your sample, it will be analyzed, and you will receive a personalized report on the results. 

Please note, this test is not available in CA, MD, and NY.


Test Sample Used:



This Test Examines:

 TESTOSTERONE (Total):  The primary male sex hormone, responsible for many activities including the support of muscle mass and libido.

 ESTRADIOL:  Primary female sex hormone, which in men can be formed from the aromatization (bioconversion) of testosterone. Excess estrogen can lead to numerous side effects such as gynecomastia, water retention, and increased blood pressure.

 LUTEINIZING HORMONE:  Pituitary hormone, responsible for stimulating testosterone production in the testes. Examination of this hormone can help determine why testosterone levels may be disrupted.

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